HUD Shader 2.0 (Watch) for VRChat

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This package contains the new and improved HUD Shader version 2.0.

The main changes are:

  • All displays were merged into a single shader.
  • This leads to only using one material and draw-call on a complex watch-display.
  • So in total only 2 Materials and draw-calls per watch.
  • Added analog watch displays.
  • Added custom display type were you can map your own sprite-sheet to a given property.
  • A Help Menu on the shader with an FAQ than can be updated from within unity.

The rules from the old shader still apply:

  • No real-time (Yet. If we get a nice global variable from the devs it will happen and i will update the shader for free)
  • The shaders will always show the information for the person looking at it.
  • The style of the display elements can be changed with your own textures.

This package also includes 17 example watches:

  • 6 unique watch designs. (including the reworked classic watch from version 1)
  • 3 additional colour variations of the „sports“ watch.
  • 8 watch-bases in the 3 combinations of armband, thickness and body with an easily customisable watch-face.

To use the watch on your avatar just import the unity package, drop the prefab on your avatars wrist and scale it to fit.

Terms of Service:

You cannot redistribute or resell the shader. You may edit this shaders for your own use.

You can make edits to the 3d-model and textures of the watches and share them.

This product is not currently for sale.


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HUD Shader 2.0 (Watch) for VRChat

11 ratings